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"I have suffered a number of soft tissue injuries while at the gym. IT band inflammation, neck, lower back and elbow tendons. I consulted Melissa in each and every case, who diagnosed me and saw to my successful rehabilitation through both therapy and recommended exercise routines.  Her technical knowledge and professionalism are second to none."


"I have suffered a number of soft tissue injuries while at the gym. IT band inflammation, neck, lower back and elbow tendons. I consulted Melissa in each and every case, who diagnosed me and saw to my successful rehabilitation through both therapy and recommended exercise routines.  Her technical knowledge and professionalism are second to none."


"After battling for years with lower back and hip issues a friend recommended Melissa’s athletic physiotherapy to me.  Melissa was able to quickly zero in on the root causes of my issues and worked her magic on me.  After a few sessions and by following her prescribed exercises and stretching my back has never felt better.  Melissa’s private practice is a very refreshing change from the larger clinics I have dealt with in the past. I am very grateful to have found such an adept and caring practitioner."



“I have been a client of Melissa's for the past three years, she has also been the on field therapist for the rugby team I play for. She has treated many of my injuries including a separated AC joint and multiple hip, and knee issues. After each session I feel much better than before. Mel also provides tips and exercises to help prevent injuries from happening again.”


"I was referred to Melissa by my fitness trainer to try and address limited range of motion in my right shoulder which I had injured a number of years ago.  She was able to achieve improvement with only a few sessions and over time was able to restore most of the movement I had lost over the years.  I have since used her services to help with other areas that I experience tightness and discomfort.  I have found Melissa to be personable and professional and appreciate that she has taken the time to work with me to help me with my overall goals for my health."


"I met Melissa three years ago with the Calgary Saints Rugby team. Ever since I've known her as our team's Athletic therapist, she has been professional, knowledgable, and enjoyable to work with. She has helped me numerous times to return to the field from acute injuries that I have acquired over the years, and fully recover from my chronic injuries I've had in years before I met Melissa. She always ensured that even after recovering from injury, I had the skills and knowledge to prevent injury from reoccurring. Melissa has always put my health as the top priority and I can always trust that I am in good hands!"



“Melissa has provided treatments and care to my family of 4 for the past 10 years! Being a football family, we have seen her on many occasions where she is consistently knowledgable, professional, while maintaining excellent care and rehabilitation to our injuries during our visits. I really appreciate the time she took with us to ensure we understood the exercise program to foster healing, and over time, we have developed a bond to where I now feel more comfortable seeing her over a physiotherapist or chiropractor. She has provided treatments for ACL reconstruction rehab, chronic back pains, wrist and ankle injuries as well as shoulder and posture. Melissa also worked with my son, Alex on numerous occasions and was the Athletic Therapist for Team Alberta Football where he played for a couple years. She also helped him get ready to play for Team Canada in the World Championships in Mexico City this summer. ”


"If you are in need of relief from your aches and pain I would strongly recommend Melissa as your Athletic Therapist. Prior to seeing her I dealt with chiropractors, CAT scans, MRI's, and had two treatments of cortisone injections in my spine. None of these seemed to solve my plain issues until about 3 sessions in with Melissa and magically the pain disappeared. Thank you Melissa, you're the best!"


"I have been weight training for over 20 years now and since that time I have sought out multiple therapists to help me maintain this type of lifestyle. No one therapist has stood the test of time other than Melissa. Over the past 5 years she has helped me with maintenance, minor injuries, and most recently a concussion. She is a wealth of knowledge and has been a great support system for me over the years."


"I first came to see Melissa 2 years ago when I was 15. I had been seeing physio on and off for about 8 months with little to no relief regarding an ongoing hip injury. Within a few appointments, she provided me with a kind of treatment I’d never received before. It catered to me as an individual and more importantly as an athlete, which is something I felt I wasn’t getting from physiotherapy. As a competitive Irish dancer, I train 6 days a week to stay at my peak during competition season. Injury for any athlete is difficult, but with Melissa’s help I was able to treat my hip and work towards a stronger version of myself. I saw improvements quickly, but her work proved even more valuable in the long term. I never hesitate to call her when I feel that something is wrong. My years of work with her have taught me to listen to my body and instincts. I know my body better than anyone else, and gaining the confidence to recognize when something is wrong has been crucial to my development as an athlete. Dancing through the pain gets you nowhere, and being proactive in injury prevention becomes more and more important as you progress. With the tools she has


given me, self-improvement was made possible. The consequence of months of injury often means bad habits often develop. To this day I work to strengthen muscle groups and correct overcompensation, all of which makes me a stronger athlete and dancer. Melissa puts her heart and soul into her work. At every appointment I leave feeling so much better physically and mentally. She can help me see the positive on the gloomiest of days when my body is hurting, because sometimes the hardest part of injury is overcoming the mental obstacles. It can be really hard getting up in the morning in pain and going through your exercises, but having Melissa as support system really makes a world of difference. In my years of working with her I’ve developed a bond and a friendship that does not compare, and I’ve grown into myself as a dancer. Since seeing her I achieved so many personal bests, including qualifying for the World Championships of Irish Dancing. I was fortunate to have her with me for the Worlds this past year in Glasgow, Scotland, as she was a key role in one of the best performances I’ve ever given. I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s given me; I know I would not be the dancer I am without her."



"In my experiences with Mel I have yet to meet a more competent and knowledgeable Athletic Therapist/Physiotherapist. She has proven to be an invaluable part of Dino's Rugby and a tremendous assist to my own injury recovery."


"Earlier this year my doctor detected that I had plantar fasciitis and he referred me to a specialist. Before I went to this appointment I went to see Melissa and she was able to help me with my concerns. After two sessions with her, I felt changes in my foot, and on my fourth session, I was able to walk with no pain. It's amazing! I'm so thankful for her that she saved me from having to possibly undergo a surgery. She is very knowledgable in her profession and worth seeing her and trying her treatments. Thanks a lot, Melissa!"


"Tearing my achilles tendon and being laid up for a few months wasn't"t the best way to start the summer of 2017. After starting to see Melissa in late August, she had me back on my feet, back to work and back in the field in a matter of weeks. Knowledgable, professional and friends. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone needing maintenance and repairs!"


"I was lucky to be referred to Melissa when coming back from a serious back injury. Being a competitive Irish dancer, I was anxious to heal and get back to dancing. Melissa played an enormous role in making that happen. Since then she has also helped me with all of my aches and pains, and helping to keep my body in its best condition for dancing. I am so grateful for everything Melissa has done for me over the course of the last 4 years that I have been seeing her. Melissa is always very thorough in her assessments and treatments. In addition to this she is a very warm person, and always puts me at ease when I am in her office. Melissa has gone the extra mile for me a few times rescheduling me on short notice, and fitting me in before competitions when I would need a last minute treatment. She has also gone above and beyond by making the effort to come watch dance competitions to better familiarize herself with what I do. Furthermore, she has travelled three times with me to the World Championships 


to give me treatments and support in the days leading up to the competition. I have no doubt that she has given me a competitive advantage. This year I had the good fortune of winning the World Irish Dancing Championships, and I have no doubt that everything Melissa has done for me over the last few years was essential to achieving this lifelong dream. I am so grateful for Melissa as she has played a tremendous role in keeping me doing what I love. I would recommend her to anyone, in fact I already have. She has gone above and beyond to help me get through injuries, and achieve my goals. I have been so lucky to have her on my team!!"



"I originally saw Melissa after an injury from teaching a fitness class that landed me in the hospital. I wasn't given much direction and was off work for a week in immense pain before finding her! I can not explain how much better I felt after the first hour with her. She has changed the way my body feels on a daily basis, as well as helped me with numerous smaller issues since. I am a hairstylist and bartender, working long hours on my feet and in awkward positions. I have yet to have an unsuccessful appointment with Melissa, and recommend her to anyone with an injury big or small."


“Melissa was the athletic therapist for my son’s U18 football Alberta team. Her confidence and knowledge is strongly portrayed while treating her clients. Her friendly and empathetic personality immediately put you at ease. My son, having played football for nine years, and myself, A registered massage therapist for 15 years, have both been treated and have worked with many athletic therapist over the years. We feel that her technique and expertise exceed expectations. I would feel confident referring her to anyone. She will restore your motion and keep your muscles agile so you can get back into regular activity no matter what sport you excel at.”



“I have been treated by Melissa for roughly the last two years, during rugby season and in off season, on field and in clinic. Mel has a great ability to get you back on the field playing quickly after injury, and then is also able to help with long term recovery, solutions and maintenance. Scheduling is never an issue with Mel; she goes above and beyond to get you in, no matter how short the notice or how crammed her schedule is. I can say with certainty, that I would not have the athletic ability I do today, without the help from Mel to keep my body healthy. It is an added bonus that she is a wonderful person whom you can always have a great conversation with! I am so excited that she is now in her own great space, where she can really show her abilities!”


“I am a rugby player who has had two shoulder surgeries on my right shoulder due to a fracture and continuous dislocations. After the surgeries, Melissa was able to help me recover and play again with confidence necessary at an elite level. Her combination of treatment and knowledge of exercises was key in my successful return to play. I highly recommend her as a person and professional.”



"I met Melissa when I was busy working long hours, 7 days a week and still trying to exercise. My hips started hurting to the point where I could not think of anyone touching them. Melissa was able to quickly put them into place, assess for weak muscles and assign strengthening exercises. Over a six week period she worked with me and my fitness trainer to ensure a quick and lasting recovery. I recommend Melissa to anyone and still see her when needed."



"It has been my pleasure to work alongside Melissa Petryna over the past three years as members of the Alberta Provincial Football U18 Staff. As the head coach of the program it is vital to have support staff that is not only competent in what they do but also willing to go the extra mile to support the athletes in the program. Melissa was an outstanding member of the staff who went out of her way to ensure that the players on the team were performing at the top level possible. Melissa was great at not only the treatment of injury but also at taking team wide proactive measures to ensure that our athletes were healthy and ready play at an optimum level.  Melissa was a key factor in Team Alberta defeating the 6 time National Champion Quebec team as well as the team’s silver medal in the tournament."

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