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Melissa is a kinesiology graduate from the University of Calgary and graduated with honours from Mount Royal University with an Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with all levels of athletes and many different sports including rugby, hockey, football, wrestling, and track and field to name a few. Her role with the sports teams is to ensure the athletes get back on the field as quickly and safely as possible. This includes treatment using manual therapy techniques, prophylactic taping and exercises to prevent injury.

Melissa has also worked in a variety of clinical settings since graduation, including a chiropractic clinic, training facility with a clinic within and a clinical setting within a private sport school.


In the past 4 years she has also taken a particular interest in working with Irish dancers, where she has had the fortune of travelling to the World Championships of Irish dance in Glasgow, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland to work closely with these dancers. Melissa's passion is travelling and she has enjoyed the opportunities she has been given to also travel with her work.



Patients will receive one-on-one sessions with the undivided attention of the Athletic Therapist to address all injuries and concerns in a fast and efficient manner. Their role is to rapidly return you to work, sport, and play.


I accept nearly all major insurance plans.  

In Alberta, several insurance companies have already realized the benefits of including Athletic Therapy services. Although the following Insurance Companies accept billing for Athletic Therapy, please contact your insurer prior to receiving services as each policy will vary according to individualized employee benefits packages.